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What should I consider when dealing with used parts?

What is a used part?

So-called used parts are defective wearing parts, which are regenerated by some manufacturers and renovaited according to original standards again. These include drive shafts, brake calipers, alternators, starters, steering gear, hydraulic pumps.


The deposit must be paid in addition to the purchase price at designated articles and will be refunded upon return of the regenerable used part, if the return conditions and criteria have been met.

Return Policy

The old part must be sent back in the original box of the nwe part. To protect the used part please pack it into another carton. The used part needs to match the new part , ie be identical. For generators, starters, alternators and the performance parameters (amps, volts) must comply with the new part. With used parts no pieces should be missing or be broken. It must not be broken down into component parts and must regeneratble condition. Please ensure complete emptying of liquids with calipers, power steering and power steering pumps. The exact regeneration criteria You can usally read on the website of the manufacturer.

Returns procedure

Please return the used part franked and quoting your order number.

Tip: Just use the Carondo-Packing of the purchased product to return the old part and the new part of the original box.

The return must take place at:

Carondo GmbH

Wetzlarer Str. 62

DE 14482 Potsdam

Upon receipt and a short visual inspection in our house, the used part is subjected to determine whether it meets the return policy and regeneration criteria. The refund of the deposit value depends, if all conditions are met, according to the payment method selected for the appointment of the new part (in advance by bank transfer) and is carried out within 10 working days of receipt of the old unit.

Used Part Tax

According to § 10 Umsatzsteuergesetz (UStG),, R 153 (3) are subject to a so-called Used Part tax for the exchange process in the automotive industry. It corresponds to the statutory rate (19%) on the Used part Value (10% of the declared by the manufacturer suggested retail price). The tax is based on the fact that for returning the used part by the customer to the car dealer a sales tax is payable, but not pay what private citizens. Therefore, we are obliged by law as a car dealer, already to pitch this tax on the sale of the replacement part (indirect control transfer). It is a flat rate starting from a residual value of the used part in the amount of 10% of the value of the replacement part. Of these, 19% VAT will be calculated, which are offered in addition to the Deposit in account.