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Is it guaranteed that the product will fit to my car ?

General note to fit

We are happy to help you in our online shop and our experienced team, will pick out the best spare parts for your car. For this, we reliy mainly on the data from the company TecDoc, which enables use a worldwide comprehensive assignment of auto parts for motor vehicle models. Most likely a search with us is to filter out the right car part for you, however due to the multiplicity of the necessary information we can't always assure you a 100% percent guarantee that the car parts will fit.;


What is the best way to look for an product ?

Optimized Product Searche

Especially in the automotive sector, the allocation of the over 1.4 million available spare parts to the individual vehicle types is difficult. To optimize the search, you first should select your vehicle. You can do this either through your vehicle data, through the KBA number of your vehicle, or on the manufacturer selection. Note in this case that of a different type of car building lines exist that are partly delimit only by the construction date. A definition is necessary because the vehicle manufacturer may change in a certain series some components. Therefore, keep your vehicle data ready. For details on the KBA number, see the FAQ menu item ""Where do I find the various codes and numbers?.

We recommend to only select your products after entering the vehicle. This also leads to a faster search result. If you do not arrive at the desired result on the simple search, you can use the advanced search..


More demarcation criteria

In some rare cases you are asked to keep some more numbers ready to identify the spare parts. They can be found mostly in the registration certificate.

These include, for example, the vehicle identification number(VIN). This is a unique serial number of your vehicle. This number is married to your vehicle druring the manufactoring prozess and is stamped in several places on the vehicle. For example in the engine compartment, with newer vehicles in a small recess in the front window (visible from the outside), at the entrance next to the passenger seat and in the trunk, on a so-called vehicle data (usually a sticker). Since the serial number identifies your vehicle, the (VIN) is to find part 1 under the point E in the registration certificate. For more information about the different have a look in the FAQ under the item entitled ""Where can I find the various codes and numbers?